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Favorable and new trends in Web development

Favorable and new trends in Web development

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The speedy development and growth in information technology is providing people with something new and unique with each day. As a leading web development solution provider, there is a vast array of web development and designing solutions you can look up to. With time, web development has adopted different features and functionalities to take new ventures and smoothly run successful and prominent online businesses. In fact, the major motto is to develop new attractive websites, cater latest offerings, and provide a search engine and user friendly navigation and layout to gain customers’ trust leads and profits.
The very first introduction was of HTML, CSS and after that PHP, PHP based CMS’s like Joomla, Drupal, Magento, WordPress etc. come into the picture to ease the functioning of web development process. Internet platform has really proved to be a boon for people who wish to yield good deals on web world considering quality and service on one part and ensuring better outcomes with large base of clients on the second one. Like anything else in web technology industry throughout its share of developments and changes in the years, now web professionals can make a content rich and appealing website in very less time period. These days, developers don’t only drool over the sites with jazzy and animated visual effects; in fact they consider the two most important aspects while developing websites that are interactivity and content. The fame and popularity of social networking websites is growing and spreading more and more with time. There are millions and zillions of people who are addicted to social media like Facebook and Twitter. Lots of business owners have observed this and utilizing the same for endorsing and promoting their products and services. To prevent redundancy and raise accessibility to website visitors, the development companies are switching to use SEO techniques that help websites to appear on top notch rankings on search engines.
Previously, web development firms have to depend entirely on licensed software and programming applications for doing dynamic web development but now things have been changed. With the introduction of open source platforms and languages like PHP, turning dreams into reality is like a matter of few seconds. The open source applications are compatible with majority of operating systems and database applications, along with providing robust online support to the system. The usage of PHP based CMS’s are in trend among businesses and website owners nowadays. If you are new to web industry, you must be wondering what’s new trends of the industry are. It’s must to get familiar with some of the latest trends in development and utilize them in your work. Few favorable and new trends, which you can follow, are mentioned in brief in below.

  • CSS – Also known as cascading style sheets, CSS3 is the latest version of CSS, comprising features and functionalities designed especially to make web development process attractive, simpler and easy to understand like rounded corners, opacity, border radius, box shadows, multi column layout etc.
  • HTML – It is one of the most popular languages used by developers to create static web pages. Flash’s popularity is decreasing as the latest version of HTML i.e. HTML5 can do as much of the things as Flash can do. When used with PHP, it works really well for creating dynamic web pages.
  • PHP – It is one of the most summoned and preferred languages in the world. More than 20 million domains and leading websites have been making use of PHP web development techniques these days. It has reformed shopping cart and e-commerce website development in an innovative way. PHP professionals cater to fulfill all the prerequisites including user friendly, appealing, fully functional and working web applications, by combining PHP with HTML which in turn save programmer from lengthy coding and creating PHP based applications.
  • Joomla – Setting up the foundation for creating a website, it is one of the best frameworks used widely to develop e-commerce portals, stock control techniques, communication tools and critical internet directories. The superb level of customer satisfaction and a great deal done to articles, images, video on the website increases the standard and expectation level, which this open source allows for a demonstration use.
  • WordPress – Used by many enterprises whether small or big ones, WordPress is the most remarkable way of creating a website and also enable the business possessors to edit, modify, update content of their website in the most easy and simple manner. It is a robust or scalable system that develops a website by completely understanding your business needs and specifications. Adding more to the thing, this open source is not only simple to use in fact changes could be done by the user himself very easily, whether it is about customizing the template and design by changing logos, images, fonts, graphics, widgets or anything.
  • Drupal – This open source platform is one of the bests that grant the user to modify and do changes in the software. From last few years, it is not only delivering amazing performance to the users, but also helping business owners in making online presence throughout the world.

Recently, mobile functionality has come into inclusion. The ongoing and increase in usage of Smartphones including tablet, iPhone and Blackberry, cloud computing, social media networking like Orkut, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook, online marketing tools and other trends in online world have pushed the business persons to think of more innovations so that customers can get outstanding experience on their websites. As for now, these are the emerging and current web development trends but there’s nothing to comment by saying that they will not change in the future as Internet is always emerging and evolving and it is must for developers and professionals to stick on latest web trends for being competitive and up to date.