Visual Tests for Responsive Websites

Testing responsive sites is a tedious and time consuming activity. In fact, implementing an easy to maintain and stable automated solution specifically for cross device and cross browser testing of a responsive web design has been nearly impossible. Have you ever given a thought if we had a chance to write visual tests for responsive sites, what will be the layout and overall appearance of an application and can we put directly into our tests? We also looked upon another interesting and good side of visual testing. TDD (Test Driven Development) methodology helps to formalize the task and make sure that everything is deployed and as per the requirements. Adding to this, it assists to grab a lot of bugs before they go live. Over the time, the thought was to check and use the TDD methodology and apply automated testing to assure the overall look and feel of responsive websites. Feel free to get in touch with Web Outsourcing Team at
After thorough research, the study revealed about the Galen framework that is a special tool and language for visual testing. In this post you will get a picture of Galen framework used as a methodology for responsive web design and front end developmental websites. Though this new technology has already been used by few bigger firms and also for testing purpose but besides all this, it is also been used in different web studios. The entire framework is open source and hosted and anyone can easily participate and contribute to the code. The basic element emphasizes on analyzing and checking the location and size of page elements relative to each other. In this manner, you can check out the layout for any of the browser’s window size and don’t have to utilize any absolute positioning.
Visual test driven development methodology has been used from a long time period and has proven now to be a strong and robust technique for creating solid applications. In the start, you might start feeling like you are misusing time in writing tests, but will definitely spend much less amount of time period on figuring out the root cause of issues. And more significantly you can focus on small bits of code and assure each of it is of superb quality. The number of tests will evolve with the main code and definitely you will get quick feedback of any issues in your application. You can even get in touch with Web Outsourcing Team that is one of the pioneering and skilled service providers and can assist you in interesting responsive web design layouts. You can even get in touch with the company at for more detailed information.

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