See your Passwords Hidden Under Asterisks

As you know all the browsers, for security reasons, mask the password field in login form behind some characters thus do not allow for any one by to see your string.
See your Passwords Hidden Under Asterisks

Whenever you open the Gmail login page the web browser, if you choose to remember it, has auto-filled the username and passwords fields for you.

You choose the username and password to be remembered by the browser because of the convenient of not typing the username and password every time you login to your Gmail’s account.
But what will happen if you don’t even remember the Gmail password anymore?
We will show you how easily you can convert those hidden characters into the actual password without any external requirements.
To reveal the Hidden Password follow these steps:
See your Passwords Hidden Under Asterisks
Choose the password and right click on it, a window will open- choose the option “Inspect Element” from the window.
This will open the document inspector window, which will show you the code. What all you have to do is replace the word “password” with “text” as shown below.
See your Passwords Hidden Under Asterisks

Note: The above demo is created in Google Chrome, but will be applicable similarly in other browsers also. In case of Internet Explorer press F12 to open the Developers Tools Window and press Ctrl+B to activate the element selection mode.

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