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With frequent power cuts, having a good quality inverter is very essential. Sometimes, there is no electricity for hours. If you are living in an independent house, an apartment or a flat, and if there is no power backup from the residential community, you either need to depend on a generator or an inverter. People, mostly households, choose inverter is over generators because inverters are quieter, and also, unlike generators, they don’t pollute the surrounding environment.

An inverter basically converts battery power into household power that we can use to run our appliances like lightning equipment, fans, air coolers and even ACs. The battery of the inverter keeps on charging during regular power supply and when there is a power cut, it immediately takes over. In emergency case scenarios, you can charge your inverter even from your car battery.

Inverters come in different capacities. You purchase an inverter according to your budget, and according to the number and power of appliances you plan to use during power cut. For example, there is no need to buy an inverter that can run an AC if you can do without an AC while there is a power cut. If you cannot do without an AC, you will need to purchase an inverter accordingly. It also applies to running your kitchen appliances, computers, water heater, TV and other power hungry home equipment.

At our shop we stock premium-quality inverters for all needs. We have 1.4KVA, 2.5KVA and inverters of higher capacities.

All our inverters are equipped with high grade batteries so that they can be charged hundreds of times without their charging capacities depleting.

Wondering what capacity inverter you need for your household or small business office? Just let us know what all appliances you plan to use during the power cut and we will provide you exactly the inverter that you need.

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