Guide to Responsive Web Design

Over the last few years, responsive web design has changed drastically. In fact, there have been many updates on all what has been changed when it comes to building of sites that work on mobile devices. Responsive website design is an approach used for creating sites that work on tablets, mobile devices and desktop screens. Feel free to get more responsive web design ideas at Earlier, sites were designed typically as per desktop screen and laptop resolutions. It worked all well till the advent of tablets and web capable SmartPhones. For all that has been changed it is of no wonder how much it has been stayed the same. There has been so many web capable devices and new form factor available with each day, it is nearly impossible to focus on each individual screen. So it is always better and efficient to let the site respond as per its environment and adapt smoothly. There are basically three major principles that blend to form the whole that is responsive web designing including fluid grids, fluid images and media queries.

  • Fluid Grids – Initially websites are defined in terms of pixels, an idea carried over from the newspaper, magazine or the print industry where it is always about the same fixed size. This is not how sites are displayed. This is the reason that responsive websites are developed using relative units such as percentages instead of fixed units such as pixels.
  • Fluid Images – There have been so many advancements done in responsive images but the core thought is that images should be able to shrink and confine within the boundaries of a fluid grid. It can be simply done with a single line of CSS code.
  • Media Queries – This is a bit challenging task especially if you take original two column arrangement and squeeze it as per the size of mobile phone. Earlier SmartPhones were used in portrait mode leading to taller screen size as compared to its width. This is where media queries play its role in that is CSS technology that could be attainable in browsers from many years and bring treated as a core and integral part of responsive design. It let CSS to be specifically applicable when the specific conditions are met.

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