Difference Between Website Development and Website Designing

To produce a complete website two necessary skills required are: Website Designing and Website Development. These two skills are totally different in their working. However, while designing a new website it is important to know the difference between both of them. Simply put, web designers deal with the front-end of a website, while web developers deal with the back-end of a website.


Website Designing: The art of making website engaging with good look and feel is known as website designing.
Website Development: The art of making a website functional is known as website designing.


Website Designing Skills: A good website designer should have a good knowledge and resources of utilizing HTML along with CSS, Javascript and graphics packages such as Photoshop, Flash etc. By utilizing these tools a website designer has to create the foundation of the website, and decide that how your website should look after finishing completely.
Website Development Skills: Excellent programming skills are necessary for a good developer. In web development process, the developer converts the beautiful design into a good working and professional website. To defive the functionality of a website, certain type of website development languages are used such as: PHP, JAVA, ASP, ASP.net etc.


Website Designing Tools: Website designing tools mostly used by website designers are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash. They also require some experience in photography and color matching to give the website an elegant look.
Website Developer Tools: To develop specific type of codes, certain programming language tools are used by website developers, that are known as IDEs. These IDEs are choosed as they choose the programming language. For example Adobe Dreamweaver is mostly used by PHP developers for website development, while ASP developers use Microsoft editors like Visual Studio.

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