Basic Rules while preparing a Website

Home Page
Home page is the mirror of a website, it clearly indicates what the site is all about. There should be a navigation menu at the top of home page, which should contain the navigation links of inner pages of the website. Logo of your company should be placed at the top of the home page, which should be descriptive in itself.
Home page of a website should be well descriptive which should make visitors to visit the internal pages of a website too. For example if you have any discount or a special offer for your visitors, make sure to provide link of that page at home page only, using some dynamic banner or text etc.
Navigation System
Website Developer should always place the navigation in appropriate place and this navigation system should be same in all inner pages of the website. To make visitors comfortable while surfing your website, make it as consistent as possible.
Size of Font
To read the text of your website comfortably and that too without effort by your visitors make it big enough and clear since there are many people who do not bother to read very small and uncleared letters. The standard size for a website’s font is 12-13 points. Whether the article writing is done by your writers or you are hiring any article writing services, make sure to brake big mass of texts in paragraphs for their easy following.
Length of Line
The length of a line of type should be comfortable to read. The optimal line length for printed materials seems to be about 10 to 12 words, or 60 to 70 characters. Somewhat shorter lines of about 40 to 50 characters may be more appropriate for larger displays. If the line is too long the reader must search for the beginning of it; if it is too short it will break up words or phrases awkwardly.
Creating Accent
Creating accent is a significant and integral part of website designing which should be handled with good judgment of taste since it can help direct and inform the reader. If it has been lacking from your web page will become difficult to read.
Talking about the graphics of a website always hire a web designing team that deliver you the graphics, that worth more than million words. Always use clear, engaging photo of your product. If you offer a service, ask the web designer to make a picture that best describe your product. Also, be careful about size of the picture, do not compress the picture to that level to not be clear, but also don’t leave the picture on its full quality. Doing this will make file size too big, which will extend download time.
File type of Images
The web designers who are less experienced, use wrong format to store the picture. Always avoid the wrong format of pictures since they take a lot time to be uploaded if wrong format has been used.
Consider the following guidelines. If the image is having small number of colors, use .gif format, while saving you can also try to reduce the palette size, i.e. if your image is having 10-15 colors only, reduce your palette on 16 or 32 colors.
You should choose .gif format again if your image contains text since JPEG format use loose compression method and will cause text and edges to become blurred. For example: if you are saving a photograph – save it as JPEG
Website developer should always be concern about the download speed of the file they have attached in the website. The download time of a file should always be less since your website visitor will never wait for a long. Always try to reduce size of your graphics as much as possible without destroying the images. Images used in the website must look good and should have the size as small as possible.
Test before publishing
After preparing the website, try to test it in all possible manner. After making the website live, your visitors should not bother to send you an E-Mail that some of your links are not work or some of your images does not appear properly. Perform spell checker and the grammar of the website should be checked. Finally after getting published, your website should not contain any “under construction” or “coming soon” messages.

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