A new source of web documents for Developers by W3C and partners

A new web standards documentation site has been announced by W3C in which Adobe, Facebook, Google, HP, Microsoft, Mozilla, Nokia, Opera and other top companies in the IT industry are partners. According to group, all of them have come together with W3C to build a new community that will be an authentic and broad source for web developers documents.

These giants IT companies have launch the website jointly to furnish developers the documents, to save time and resources, they might need while building websites and platforms.

The website is live with its alpha release. The website works as a repository for web developers while they go for new technologies, since it consists of standard documents that explains how those technologies can be deployed and consumed.

This website is a set of open standards and any one can contribute to it, which will be decided by the community members whether to accept the contribution or to deny it.
The website is dynamic which will get change as the introduction of new technology.

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