A Concept of Visual Test-Driven Development

Have you ever thought how to approach test-driven development for HTML and CSS? For sure, it would be different and distinct from traditional approach, where tests were implemented in a white box. This is the reason this time I added the visual term to it along with the Galen framework in which we will test how a site is rendered in the web browser and we really don’t care much about its internal structure. This is why it seems and sounds more like gray box or black box testing. In this post, we will depict you how to create a responsive web design web page by writing the layout tests prior we even have any web page. One thing to notice is that all the tests will cater as a source of documentation making clear of how the page should appear on any of the device. With all such stuff in mind, the process is very simple that is to first design and test depicting how the web page will look, then coding clearing the implementation process of HTML and CSS code and finally the re-factor technique in which there is a scope to improve the code and tests.
Now it is needed to break down the entire development method into small iterations. For individual iteration, it is important to implement the code required for the tests and make sure that the test coverage is close to 100% and are not declared in the existing one. You can keep a track of all the changes done in the codes at any time. Doing research and experiment on the same, it is a very interesting and fascinating experience to study more about visual test driven development approach. Fixing and repairing all those nasty queries is difficult especially when you have a large HTML and CSS code base and there is an involvement of third party libraries specifically if the site is supposed to be responsive as tuning your heater. Though applying and strategizing TDD to it do wonders to it as it pushes to structure code and work process and focus on other tiny things and render them of superb quality.
In case something need to be changed or modified in terms of layout of specific components or add some elements to specific web page, Galen framework will notify straight away. This approach can really assist in your website development process too. For more information, you can even get in touch with Web Outsourcing Team firm at  and get the latest details about the same. The company is backed with skilled and dedicated staff who will not only guide you about the best responsive web design layouts and more, but will help you to present your website in the best possible way out.

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