‘9July Virus’

This virus is having a different name and seems to be calculated very robust with its behavior and principal of working, because the intention is to turn off the internet connection on July 9,2012. They don’t want you to do anything with your computer. Will it really arise?
This virus want to turn off all the Internet connection on Monday 9 July, which is impossible, since all computer systems will not get infected by this virus. And if at all it attacks the Internet Service Provider (ISP), to turn off the main supply of internet connection on the world, so it’s possible.
This virus attacks the most of computers having Microsoft Windows operating system. So, if you are using the GNU Linux operating system or Mac OS X, the chances for your system to infected is still far away.
So Windows users will have to improve their system security to prevent from this virus.
FBI ( Federal Bureau of Investigation ) has already detected how this 9 July virus work, and they give way out to prohibit it.
Follow this way:
1. Click on the following url http://www.dcwg.org , DCWG is stand for DNS Changer Working Group, is a web that made by the security experts to monitor the virus DNS Changer.
2. Click the green button marked “Detect” in the upper left corner.
'9July Virus'
3. Once the new page open, please click the link http://www.dns-ok.us/ .
'9July Virus'
4. If you think your computer has been infected, please visit http://www.dcwg.org/fix to fix your computer.
5. If your computer is not infected, then your monitor will display a green image with the following message: “DNS Resolution = GREEN”. This means that your computer is not infected.
'9July Virus'

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